BVKit  a self test application made of hardware and software that enables women between the ages 14- 45 years to test for Bacterial Vaginosis.

About the Project

Did you know that every woman has bacteria in their vagina and there is the prevailing idea that some bacteria are nearly good for women’s health while others are bad. Sad truth is most women Bacterial Vaginosis doesn’t show any signs and symptoms.

Openly discussing personal reproductive health issues remains one of the most daunting tasks among women today, in some traditional societies it’s considered a taboo to even talk about reproductive health, this has left many women with limited options to deal with their reproductive health challenges, it wouldn’t be a surprise that many of them have not been comfortable seeking early medical attention whenever they are faced with a reproductive health problem. The bold ones that decide to go against the norm only seek medical attention when their conditions have worsened.

BVKit Prevalence 

Among the many reproductive health problems is Bacterial Vaginosis (BV), an abnormal vaginal condition characterized by vaginal discharge that results from an overgrowth of atypical bacteria in the vagina.

This condition, if not treated exposes the victims to:

  1. 1.      Human Papilloma Virus (HPV) that causes cervical cancer,
  2. 2.     Sexually transmitted diseases
  3. 3.     Miscarriages
  4. 4.     Pelvic inflammatory disease which may lead  to difficulty in childbirth among pregnant women 

The community of vaginal bacteria in some healthy women varied greatly over a short time while remaining constant in others. The findings suggest variations in vaginal bacteria, thought to put women at risk for disease, may be normal for some.

 We made the BVKit for you!

1.      Women will be able to test themselves on a regular basis and not have to wait until the illnesses/infections worsen (if they exist) in order to seek medical attention. Re-usable after a

2.      One time Purchase: Buy the BVKit and use it for a long time

3.      Educative and Informative: Get to learn the different remedies in which you can continue being healthy, signs and symptoms of infections of women’s reproductive health.

4.      Would you prefer to have regularly month visits to the doctors’ or you want to be sure something is not right then go see a doctor.

5.      Get Instant results:  If you don’t want to wait in long hospital queues only to find out the reason you reproductive health isn’t stable was due to a change in diet.

BVKit instructions

Install BVKit App on your mobile device

Create account

Tap test button

Connect the device

Tap test button

View results

How to take the test.

Collect urine in a clean and dry cup/beaker.

Place hardware in the pee cup/beaker containing the urine sample.

The hardware detects the urine sample’s values and sends them to cloud which computes them and send them back the BVKit app as a diagnosis.

 NOTE: After taking the test with the urine sample, one is advised to also consider the signs and symptoms since urine goes through entire urinary tract system        before it reaches the bladder.


Possible Outcomes

If one is healthy, the application provides home remedies on how to continue being healthy.

 If the person's urine has a higher or lower value than the neutral values, the application shows them possible signs and symptoms.

 The slight change in values of a urine sample compared the neutral value could be due to changes in diet, environment, exercise routine and more.

  If the values of the urine sample are way above or way below the neutral the values, the BVKit app advises one to go see a doctor.

They talk about us!

Risks and Challenges

•       Delays in confirming the international health standard but we have done this before, so far we have managed to Copyright the project at the regional level and are in the work of patenting the BVKit and then to the international level.

•           Accuracy of the values from the urine samples, great news is we have been having a continuous break through as we improve the hardware, first we had a 50% accuracy then 70% and now we have a 95% which is the one we will distribute in this campaign.

•           Phones. Our plan is to partner with Non-government organizations to help us reach as many women as possible. When we get enough funds we will set kiosks so we can free avail awareness and testing services for these women.

•           BVKit doesn’t eliminate regular visits to the doctor but allows women to keep track of their health and when they realize something isn’t right, they go ahead and seek medical attention.

All in all ICT and m-health in general isn’t meant to displace health care workers but enable them to use available resources to provide a solution.


Rewards: Get the hardware and some of our goodies !


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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Do I have to be connected to the internet to work with the application?

Yes one needs an internet connection to take the test.

2. How regularly show I take the test?

One can take the test at least twice a month.

 How many women can use the hardware?

Even 2 or 3 as long as they clean and store it well after every use.

4. Which quantity of urine is enough to take the test?

About 100ml

5. When do I need to see a doctor?

When the values of the urine sample are way below or way above the neutral/normal urine values.

6. Is the hardware reusable ?

Yes it’s reusable and can be shared as long as it’s cleaned well after use.


The information related to the project is available only to connected members. Sign up or log in
The information related to the project is available only to connected members. Sign up or log in
The information related to the project is available only to connected members. Sign up or log in

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