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Nearly 9 million children under the age of five die every year. According to UNICEF, every single day Nigeria loses about 2,300 under-five year olds and 145 women of child bearing age, making Nigeria the second largest contributor to maternal and child mortality in the world.

Most of these deaths are from very preventable causes. As a fifth year medical student I saw first-hand how a simple case of diarrhoea took the life of a child, all because the parents did not know what to do! The reason for the death of this child as well as the high number of maternal and child deaths in Nigeria and indeed Africa is not far-fetched; most mothers in Nigeria’s rural communities often lack information about what services they need, what they can do, how often and when they need to seek the services. An innovative and cost-effective solution must be found that can empower and engage pregnant women and mothers on antenatal and postnatal care, as well as child care. We have created such a solution which is accessible for everyone, with the OMOMI mobile health platform. 

OMOMI (Product description)

OMOMI is an innovation that represents a mobile technological solution to the healthcare problems of the most important subset of people in any given society – women and children.  

OMOMI (meaning 'my child') is a mobile app that enables mothers easily monitor their children's health at the touch of a button. The app also provides timely, relevant and personalized health information for women right from pregnancy through child birth, till their children clock 5 years, as well as connects mothers with medical personnel.

OMOMI's range of features include: a child growth monitor, vaccination tracker, health facts section on breast feeding, food supplentation and family planning, mothers' community (social forum for mothers and doctors), health quiz section for mothers, etcetera. The OMOMI app already has over 2,100 downloads in less than a year of full launch. It is the very first mobile platform worldwide that focuses on fulfilling ALL of the WHO Childhood Survival Strategies - which were developed to reduce child and maternal mortality.

Awards and traction

OMOMI has gotten a lot of international recognition:

The app was adjudged one of the best health innovations in Nigeria at the Health Innovation Awards held in Lagos, Nigeria in October 2015. It also emerged as one of 18 global winners of the 7th World Summit Youth Award (WSYA) held in June 2015, in Sao Paulo, Brazil. Furthermore, it emerged the Best Initiative at the fourth edition of the Smart City Expo World Congress, the global summit for smart cities, held in Barcelona in November 2014. 

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Risk and challenges

The simplicity of the platform makes it potentially easy to copy by competitors. Although competition is inevitable and good for business, the presence of too many competitors may see OMOMI snuffed out if we do not take hold of the market early enough.

Our target market is parents, mothers, caregivers and medical doctors. The challenge here is low acceptance of a new way of receiving their healthcare information as people do not easily conform to change. The risk of this is however being mitigated by the use of health personnel in improving acceptance among potential customers and partnering with health personnel (especially doctors,) as we have seen that patients believe whatever their doctor (or health worker) says and would do as they are told by their health personnel. Other risks include the literacy level and understanding of the information being delivered, as well as language barrier. Although much of the urban communities and people living in the Southern region of the country can read and write, the same cannot be said of their counterparts in the Northern region of the country. This is being tackled largely with the SMS service and in future with Interactive Voice Recordings (IVRs).

The Team

OMOMI is the flagship product of MOBicure; an mhealth social enterprise based in Nigeria that was co-founded by 3 innovative, young people, two medical doctors from Nigeria (Drs. Charles Akhimien and Emmanuel Owobu) and a software engineer from India (Raman Anurag).

Dr Charles Akhimien received an honourable mention in Healthcare for the OMOMI mobile app in the Tech-I 2014 Competition, organized by the US Department of State and the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS), in Marrakech, Morocco. He is an Alumnus of the Yunus & Youth Global Fellowship, a highly commended Runner-up of the Queens Young Leaders Award 2016, and an Associate Fellow of the Royal Commonwealth Society. He has also represented Nigeria at the Global Startup Youth 2013 in Malaysia, as well as at two Global Entrepreneurship Summits; 2013 in Kuala-Lumpur, Malaysia and in 2014 in Marrakech, Morocco. 


Ultimately OMOMI) will be judged based on the number of lives it saves, as well as the number of people who use the platform. At present, over 6,000 women have used our platform to monitor either their pregnancy or their children’s health. An additional 2,000 women and children have benefitted from our OMOMI REACHOUT PROJECT (which is a one year project consisting of a series of free maternal and child health outreaches in partnership with the U.S. State Department) carried out to promote the SMS service.

Our key metrics in future include:

·         10,000 active subscribers of the SMS service by July 2016.

·         40,000 subscribers of the SMS service by November 2016.

·         10,000 total users of the app by November 2016.

·         1,500 premium (paying) users of the app by December 2016.

·         Roll-out of the Interactive Voice Recording (IVR) version of OMOMI by December 2016.

·         5 million users of the platform by 2020

In addition we shall be carrying out a year’s long research in 2016 to ascertain the impact of OMOMI on the health outcomes of mothers who are using our service as against those who do not.

Our aim is to raise 10,000 USD from the crowdfunding campaign using the freudon platform.

This money will be put into boosting our marketing efforts which for the SMS service in particular, have proven to be very successful. The marketing strategy that has worked thus far which we plan to escalate includes: the use of brand ambassadors (mobile marketers), partnerships with health facilities as well as our medical outreach program. Also there’s a huge need to build an enduring and attractive brand for OMOMI that would attract users from all over the world.

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The information related to the project is available only to connected members. Sign up or log in
The information related to the project is available only to connected members. Sign up or log in

The team


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