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Please note that this is an early stage of a work in progress

Veuillez noter que ceci n'est que les premiers visuels d'un travail en cours

SDK Games Africa is a Game Studio, established in 2015, and based in South Africa and Cameroon. SDK aims to provide the best gaming experience based on African tales, and to carry that African experience beyond the continent to gamers around the world.

With that in mind, SDK designed a game series called Stricken. Stricken's mission is to introduce African heroes to a potentially unaware audience. Doing so will revive and extend African culture, inspiring a new generation of Africans. Drawn from life and real African culture, the series’ games will make use of the power of imagination to create attractive and immersive experiences thus allowing players to learn in the process.





MooEtoo is about a young boy called Eto’o born in a small township in Central Africa who will find his way through difficulties and become the most successful football player and a legend for younger generations. He will develop into an inspiring person thanks to his soccer skills, his ability to stay out of trouble despite living in a hostile environment, his great sense of decision making and dedication to his dream. At the end of the game, Eto’o’s character wins several trophies and becomes a rich man but keeps his hunger for success and attracts a considerable number of fans.



To accomplish these goals as the character Eto’o, the gamer will be taken on an adventure (combining different type of gameplay) where Eto’o will discover and travel across multiple imaginary African cities looking for soccer fields. He will show his talents and overcome challenges that will require him taking positive actions and contribute to winning people’s heart. This ultimately translates into a growing number of fans while he increases his income.

To move to the next stage of the game, Eto’o (the main character in the game) must have a minimum number of fans and cash that he won at competitions. The player must find the right balance between growing his fan base and spending money without wasting it. This balance gets more difficult to maintain as the game progresses.

The player’s final goal is to gain recognition among people and peers, win trophies and substantially increase his financial power. In-game translation would be Money, Fame and Trophies.



  • Game Activities

    Through the game, the player will have several gaming activities such as:

    1. Adventures through cities to explore with specific missions
    2. Great football plays (dribbles, shoots…)



  • Gameplay overview

    Each stage will consist of a time-bound mission to complete before taking part in a football game. The game starts in the New Bell area, Douala, Cameroon where our hero is still very young and decides to purchase his first soccer ball. The hero will be exploring African cities, with several missions. The game ends when our hero has gained enough trophies, money and fans to be considered as a legend.



  • Earning money

    During these adventures, he will discover several ways of making money at a young age.



  • Spending/losing money

    Our hero may lose money in any of the following situations:

    1. Collision with an "Awasher" He may take away the money he has gained during the ongoing adventure.
    2. "Tchoko" an "Awasher" will help avoid collision. "Tchoko" involves giving him some desired amount.
    3. Our hero may need to buy new equipment (shoes, balls…) from time to time.
    4. He will sometimes need to invest some sum of money that may or may not lead to gaining more fans...


  • Gaining fans

    The hero gains fans when he helps people in need on his way



  • Game play obstacles

    During the adventure, the hero encounters several obstacles typically found in African cities as:

  • City landscape obstacles (trees, rocks, and others)
  • "Awashers": they are elder brothers who will do some "Sissia". "Sissia" is the use of influence to take your money or possessions like seizes your ball, shoes, or others.





In 2014, the SDK team first thought of the Stricken game concept to recognize and celebrate African heroes, MooEtoo was not intended to be the first of the series. Rather, the team started working around the story of another great African hero who was prominent during the fight for independence. However, the SDK team soon realized how difficult it would be to make progress on the game while working on client’s projects (to survive). So, in 2015 SDK Games was created, a separate structure for Games development.




SDK GAMES Africa opened its doors in July 2015. The main office is based in Johannesburg - South Africa. The team concluded, however, that to reduce production costs it will be advantageous to relocate the technical department to Cameroon. Once there, we found young talented and motivated developers (our design team are mainly based in South Africa), but with little knowledge of the gaming industry and professional tools to deliver high quality games in a relatively short period.

The South African team took responsibility to train them first and today, they have successfully delivered games to the industry. One in particular, "Coller la petite" has had a great success in the Central and West Africa region. All of this was accomplished with no marketing budgets.



Now that the team is ready and SDK Games is set to re-open the Stricken series, starting this time with MooEtoo. Others shall follow.



This game aims at demonstrating that a successful life can be achieved through hard work, good decision-making and efficient use of one’s skills. These are exactly the principles which motivate SDK Games Africa as a company.

The first release of the game will be on iTunes, Google Play and Windows stores; it will include 10 stages (which could move up to 15 with the next release.). English will be the main language and the game will be available for free with “In Apps purchase”.

Now, to keep our team focused and productive in the next 10 to 12 months, we require your help. We are planning on communicating with our audience on a regular basis through a blog. SDK Games Africa is creating a community and we invite you to join us. We need your feedback to produce a game that you will enjoy and that will reflect the spirit of each gamer.



Of our initial target of $25 000 US dollar , 60% will be allocated for development and design, 10 to 15% for audio, while 10% will be used to promote the game on social media and blogs, another 10% for rewards fulfillments and 4 to 5 % for Freudon.

Allocating 60% for the development of the $25 000 US dollar represents $15 000 which still is only approximately half of the development costs (somewhere between $30k and $35k). Therefore, the team is aiming to win your hearts and exceed the current goal.

If we exceed our initial fundraising goal by $5000, the game will also be released with French and Spanish.

If you can help us reach the target of $35 000, we will get on the top African artists to produce nice Afro beat music for the game. SKD is currently in contact with several artists who have bought into the project and are requesting updates from the team.

With a target of $50 000, we can hire more skilled individuals and extend our target to 15 stages on the release.



MooCoin is a virtual reward system developed by SDK Games Africa.

  • MooCoins can be used for the following purposes:
    • For in app purchases in any SDK Games Africa’s game
    • During competitions launched by SDK Games Africa's


  • MooCoins are regularly gained during games, according to the player’s performances.





Mobile Money Payment:

  • Cameroon

    You can use orange money and pay your contribution to 697 221 278 . Once done, please SMS your name, amount pledged and email to 650 638 139.



In its short history, the SDK Games Africa team has shown tremendous promise. The team has quickly released a couple of casual games which were well received by our target audience. The team aspires to improve the graphics quality in future games and provide a more polished game experience.

So with additional funding, the company will also focus on 2 great designers which will help us improve the graphics. We have already identified them and we already have an agreement and hope you’ll join us to get them on board. They already started helping us (as volunteers) and some of the assets were built by them during their free time.




The second big challenge we may face is how to exist in a grounded mobile store as we are not sure to have enough budget for marketing so we can improve our ranking there. But we hope you’ll help us spread the word.
















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The information related to the project is available only to connected members. Sign up or log in
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